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Selling Your Home Can Sometimes Become a Confusing and Complex Process.

Sell House Georgia Would Love To Answer Your Questions About Selling Your Home.

While the industry changes daily homeowners are becoming confused about the process of selling their home. We’ve taken the time to answer your questions in advance.  If your question isn’t listed below, call us at 770-480-0209.

Q: How does Sell House Georgia decide how much to pay for my home?

A:  Great question.  Since we are expert house buyers, we understand the market that we work in.  We determine a price for your house based on similar properties that are selling in your area.  We then determine what repairs are needed and the cost to facilitate those repairs.  Once all cost are calculated we will offer a fair cash payment for your house.

Q: If I contact Sell House Georgia to get an offer am I obligated to sell my house?

A: Absolutely not.  There is no obligation whatsoever.  Feel free to contact us and share some details about the house you want to sell. We will provide a honest and fair cash offer for your home.

Q: What if my house needs to be repaired?

A: We purchase houses with all types of conditions regardless if they need work or a comet has blown through the roof.  We specialize in  buying homes that need major work or minor repair work.  Sell your home to Sell House Georgia and all repairs are our responsibility. 

Q: Will you pay cash for my house?

A: Absolutely! If we can come to an agreement on price Sell House Georgia will pay cash for your home in a fast and timely manner.  We provide an easy, no-hassle, stress-free transaction!

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