Sell a house in Atlanta for Cash or Terms

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May 18, 2018
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July 17, 2018
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Sell a house in Atlanta for Cash or Terms

Sell a house in Atlanta for Cash or Terms

If you want to sell a house fast and sell a house for cash in Atlanta or the metro area, all you need to do is contact and we will take care of all of the details. You can also sell your house for terms and receive a monthly check. Many people try the “sell by owner” route which may work over time if you do not mind showing the house yourself to every nosey neighbor.  We have many years of experience and we will make you an offer to buy your house now. We will not list your house for sale then just wait. We will offer today to buy your house now for cash or terms if you prefer. We buy houses in Georgia and in the Atlanta market.

For 15 plus years, we have been helping those who say; sell my home, sell my house, buy my home, buy my house, buy my house fast.  We are the “one-stop shop” for all your real estate needs in Atlanta and the metro areas each suburb like Forest Park and Stockbridge. We have over a hundred written referrals in our brag book showing we do what we say honestly and quickly.

Want some free advice? Call us. We are available every day with local professional real people answering the phone to help you sell any house for cash fast if you want it sold fast. You do not need to spend a lot of money or learn a lot about real estate to get the best value for the home you want to sell today.

Here are some free tips on how to make your situation to sell your home fast an easy stress-free deal. The first tip, you do not have to fix up the home. You only need to call us. Next, give us a time you pick to come to view your home. Third show us the house. Next, tell us what you need for the house. Then you decide whether to take our offer or move on.  This is the simplest, quickest and complete process to sell your house fast that we have seen. We do all the paperwork. We close at a local attorney.   We pay the closing costs. There is no stress, no pressure and no hurry to do anything. We look at houses all day almost every day in the Atlanta metro region and the surrounding neighborhoods. The difference is I buy houses. I buy homes. At “Sell House Georgia” we do not list your house and wait. I really buy your house. You are the boss you decide if our offer makes sense and then you get paid.

Want to hear a crazy story? Had one guy who is a big downtown financial planning guy in Atlanta call and ask us to help him sell or to buy his house. He had a large mortgage and payments and was running out of options to sell his house fast. He is a financial planner so he did not want to lose his house as that would look bad on his record.  He had been trying to sell it for 5 years. He had done everything including paint it, clean it, plant beautiful flowers and roses and keep the lawn perfect. Nothing he or the real estate people could do seemed to work with this big gorgeous three-story house.  This guy had even rented his house out hoping the market would change and he could then sell it to an “I buy houses” guy. This process had gone on for years and the financial planner was obviously frustrated. He called us one day. We have a large database of buyers. We had his house under contract within hours. He did not have to make another payment. He didn’t lose the house. It was sold. His stress was gone.

Call or go online.    or Mark 770-480-0209