Sell My House Now: Sell Your House FAST in 4 Easy Steps

October 29, 2019
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March 11, 2020
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Sell My House Now: Sell Your House FAST in 4 Easy Steps

I’ve got to sell my house now! If you’re in this situation, it’s natural to worry that you won’t be able to get it sold at all, won’t get a fair price, or the whole process will take longer than you can afford to wait. If you find yourself online searching for “how to sell my house fast,” don’t worry. There are just four easy steps to selling your house, fast.

Sell My House Now: 4 Easy Steps

#1. Meet Us Online

If you’re thinking about selling your home, visit Sell House Georgia and fill out our simple contact form. All you need is your name, email, and phone number to get started and get a fast, free quote.

FAQ: How Will You Decide My Quote?

At Sell House Georgia, we’ve been buying local homes for more than 15 years. We’ll use an honest evaluation of your home to make our quote. We look at the condition of your property and what kind of repairs are necessary, figure in what similar homes in your area are selling for, and then offer you a fair cash payment.

#2. Wait for Us to Contact You

We don’t need long to consider the market and your property, and when we reach out, it will be to have a friendly, helpful conversation. We want to understand your position. We also want you to feel free to ask us questions and leverage our years of expertise—even if you end up selling to someone else!

FAQ: Who Will I Talk to?

If you want to talk to Mark, the founder and owner of Sell House Georgia, that’s great. Everyone on our team is qualified and ready to help, too. We love solving problems, and if you’re looking to sell quickly, that’s something we can help with.

#3. Get Your Offer

We always make fair and reasonable cash offers. We want you to understand why we’re making the offer, and there’s no sales pitch: just the facts and some friendly help if you need it!

FAQ: Do I Have to Sell to You?

By contacting us, you’re just initiating a conversation. If you want to think about it and call us back later, that’s great. If you want to go in another direction, that’s fine, too. There’s no obligation. We know you’ve got plenty of stress to deal with, and we’re not here to add to it!

#4. Get Your Cash

Once we’ve made an offer and you’ve accepted it, it only takes between 24 and 48 hours for us to get your payment. Whatever you need the money for, there’s no waiting around for weeks or months to find a buyer and get to closing.

FAQ: What About All the Paperwork?

There is a lot of paperwork involved in selling a house, but we handle everything. Even if there are liens, bad tenants, foreclosures, or tax concerns, we’ve seen it all and are ready to help.

Sell My House Fast: Is It Time?

Do you need to sell a property and get paid quickly? If you can’t wait around for a drawn-out traditional selling process or you want to avoid sky-high realtor and lawyer fees, contact Sell House Georgia today and let’s get started!